Elaine Porteous

Project Manager


In my role in C.A.L.M.S as Project Manager for over 25 years it has been twofold rewarding and challenging. I am both honoured and delighted to work with such a highly qualified and knowledgeable team of empathetic individuals and volunteers.
I am particularly interested in new models of therapy for assisting individuals presenting with stress and stress related illnesses. I thoroughly believe that any individual presenting with stress if given the proper tools, knowledge, time, support and understanding can bring about change and for many, find a resolution to their problem.
I also take comfort in the following words, and thoroughly believe that there are times in life when:- “It’s Okay Not to be Okay” Remember C.A.L.M.S is always here.

BSc in Social Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dietetics, Diploma in Combined Social & Behavioural Sciences, Advanced
Diploma In The Management of Psychological Trauma, OCR Diploma in Stress Management, and OCR Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies for Trauma & Diploma in Reflexology.