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Archive for 2020

A Virtual Archive for CALMS

Yoga Class will start on Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 6:30pm @ CALMS Main Building.


Pottery Class will start on Monday 20th January 2020 at 5pm @ CALMS Main Building

“A Step by Step Approach to Stress and Anxiety” course will start on Saturday 25th January 2020 at 11am to 1pm @ CALMS office.

Tea and Coffee will be provided.

FREE course

Please register by phone 028 71 268698 or by email

Thank you very much to the team in Nationwide who raised £545 to support the work of CALMS.

Festival of Music and Song

In Remembrance of Maisie Crawford BEM

Past member of Management Committee of CALMS

Tickets will be available in CALMS Office 



Posted on 27/01/2020

Please Support the Belter Project and feel free to share.


Posted on 28/01/2020

CALMS’ Youth Project – 

The Belter


Please support and feel free to share.


Posted on 29/01/2020

CALMS’ Youth Project – The Belter


Posted on 30/01/2020

The Pathway to new beginnings helps clients manage their mood and stress.

Pathways to New Beginnings –

A Step by Step Approach to Managing Mood and Anxiety

(2 hours x 3 weeks course)

Friday 13th March 10:30am to 12:30pm

Friday 20th March 10:30am to 12:30pm

Friday 27th March 10:30am to 12:30pm

If you are interested please register via phone 02871 268698 or email


Posted: 12/02/2020

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.”

Jim Rohn


On behalf of C.A.L.M.S. Community Action for Locally Managing Stress we would like to sincerely thank all of you for your kind donations.

Derry Credit Union


Waterside Credit Union

As you already know C.A.L.M.S.  Is a non-profit organization, established in 1994 which assists individuals to deal with stress and stress related illnesses. Our organisation is dependent on grant aid and donations.

Your donation goes a long way in helping us to achieve our mission:

”To provide educative, preventative and rehabilitative programmes and services that empower individuals and organisations to recognise, reduce and manage stress effectively.”


Posted on 12/02/2020


Belter – Art Exhibition

on 14th Feb 2020 @ Void Gallery


posted on 18/02/2020

Belter – Variety Show

Saturday 15th Feb 2020 @ Waterside Theatre


Congratulations to the joint winners –

Cora and Maeve


Posted on 18/02/2020

Belter – Art Exhibition in Derry Journal


posted on 19/02/2020


Song Writing Competition

Congratulation to the Winner – Matthew

Festival of Music and Song 

@ Guildhall on 22nd Feb 

Posted on 04/03/2020

Great Videos at the Belter Variety show:

Belter – Jordan Hartop – Someone You Love (Lewis Capaldi)

Belter – Maeve – Island Of Woods

Belter – Owen Coyle – Your Song

Belter – Phoebe Nutcracker

Belter – SJ – You’ve Got The Love

Belter – St. Pauls – I Get Around

Belter – HUB Choir

Belter – Wooden Soul

Belter – Flaunt Your Step

Posted on 09/03/2020

Please see the link below for updated information on COVID-19


Posted on 11/03/2020

Update from CALMS re. COVID 19

Please be advised CALMS currently remain open. We are closely monitoring PHA and Government advice and adhering to all guidelines. In the event of closure all clients with scheduled appointments will be notified by email or telephone.

We intend to offer some services by video, telephone and email   e.g. counselling, C.B.T. , Welfare Advice and general advice so no one should feels  isolated or unsupported.

If you are feeling lonely, or isolated due to social distancing please feel free to ring CALMS and speak to one of our staff.

Useful links

Keep washing your hands Anyone with symptoms  –

  • a newcontinuous cough and/or
  • a fever

However mild, you should stay at home for 7 days from when your symptoms started.

  • If you have mild symptoms, you do not need to be testedPlease do not contact or go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • If your symptoms worsen during your home isolation or you are no better after seven days, seek medical advice by telephone.
  • If you have an underlying health condition and develop symptoms do let your GP know.
  • Please only call 999 if it’s an emergency.

This action will help protect others in your community while you are infectious.


Posted on 16/03/2020

Looking After Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Looking after your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Outbreak (1)

Updated on 19/03/2020

Community Supports – COVID 19


If you have additional information and would like us to add it on the table above, please email the information to

Thank you.

Posted on 19/03/2020

Safe way to take off your gloves. (click for video)


Posted on 20/03/2020

Community Support – updated


Posted on 20/03/2020

UPDATE on CALMS services

From Monday 23/03/2020 we will no longer be providing Face-to- Face services however, we will continue to offer services and programmes by:- Video, Skype, Zoom and Telephone.

For more information, please ring 02871 268698 or email

Stay Safe.

Posted on 20/03/2020

Message from CALMS Welfare Rights Advisor – Dee Robson

For further information, please ring CALMS office at 02871 268698


Posted on 21/03/2020

Things we can control during Covid 19 Crisis


Posted on 25/03/2020

Updates on Changes to Social Security in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Northern Ireland



Posted on 25/03/2020

CALMS – Welfare Rights Advice

During the temporarily closure of CALMS office, please ring Dee Robson 075 9339 6094 Monday to Friday between 12noon to 2pm for Welfare Rights Advice.
Thank you.


Posted on 26/03/2020

Managing Stress and Anxiety





Posted on 27/03/2020

Law Centre NI is here to help


These are extraordinary times for everyone. The COVID-19 health emergency has brought challenges to how we conduct our everyday lives at home and at work. I hope you and your team are staying well.

I am writing to let you know that our legal advice service continues to operate as usual and with the surge in demand, particularly for employment law advice, we have created a new email channel for the public and advisers to contact our legal advice team.

For advice, call us on (028) 9024 4401. If you are experiencing difficulty getting through to an adviser you can email our advice hubs on:

•    Employment –
•    Immigration –
•    Benefits –
•    General enquiries –

We have also launched a new COVID-19 support webpage dedicated to providing all the latest updates and information in relation to the changes in law and policy arising from the COVID-19 situation in our core areas of work. The webpage has key resources to help advisers and members of the public, including:

•    Employment rights FAQs
•    Self-employed workers FAQs
•    Updates on social security arrangements
•    Immigration contingency plans

We held an ‘Adviser Network Webinar’ on Friday to keep advisers across the network up to date on changes in law and policy and if you missed this you can find the slides here. In response to demand, we’re running these webinars weekly to ensure advisers get the most up to date developments.

If you want to know more, or you want to register your team for the next webinar, please contact our training team at 

Please will you draw this information to the attention of your team?

We will continue our efforts to help the public and advisers access free, independent and confidential advice. We will continue to look to ways to respond to the current circumstances and work collectively to make a difference to people’s lives at this crucial time.


Posted on 30/03/2020

Photos of our Art and Craft Class in March



Posted on 31/03/2020

COVID-19 Support Service for Front Line Staff




Posted 09/04/2020

CALMS COVID-19 Support Services


Now it has extended to the communities.


Posted on 24/04/2020


Class starts on Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 6:30pm





Posted on  28/04/2020

CALMS COVID 19 Support Line

CALMS is delighted to receive funding from The National Lottery Community Fund Northern Ireland to support and run our COVID19 Support Line.

Thank you.


Posted on 04/05/2020

CALMS Complementary Therapies

CALMS Complementary Therapists are now offering the following services listed below on a 1-1 basis via zoom/skype to suit the clients’ individual needs.

These services can be provided on a one-off basis, or over a number of sessions as needs dictate.

If you wish to avail of one to one assistance – Why not call and speak to one of our friendly team 02871 268698


Posted on 04/05/2020


Message from the Complementary Therapy Team

Message from Complementary Therapy Team

Marta, one of the therapist of Complementary Therapy Team


Posted on 06/05/2020

⭐️Managing your Mental Health⭐️

CALMS are pleased to announce a new FREE, short course via ZOOM to help anyone who may be struggling with anxiety and/or low mood.
Beginning Wednesday 3rd June at 11am.

For further information please contact CALMS on

Numbers are limited, please register in advance as soon as possible to confirm your place


Posted on 11/05/2020

Complementary Therapy Team

One to One Session

Introduction by Marta



Posted on 19/05/2020


Thyme to Sing

by Erica Curran


Video One: Introduction

Video Two: Vocal Warm Ups

Video Three: Let’s Learn The Song

“I Will Follow Him”


Posted on 20/05/2020


Mental Health Awareness Week

18th May to 24th May 2020 

The Theme this year is KINDNESS

More Information on…

Mental Health Awareness Week

One Small Act of Kindness

updated on 20/05/2020

CALMS Complementary Therapy Team

Meditation – Day 1 

Posted on 06/05/2020

Meditation – Day 2

Posted on 12/05/2020

Meditation – Day 3

Posted on 20/05/2020

Meditation – Day 4

Posted on 26/05/2020

Meditation – Day 5

Posted on 04/06/2020



Simple Massage Techniques 

Please LIKE the video on our Facebook Page if you enjoy the video or would like to see more of its contents.

Simple Massage Techniques for Neck and Shoulder

Posted on 14/05/2020

Simple Massage Techniques for Jaw Tightness and Tension

Posted on 26/05/2020

Simple Massage Techniques for Headaches

Posted on 04/06/2020



One Moment in Time

Every month our choir ‘Thyme to sing’ will share short videos entitled ‘The power of words’, from songs and poems that we love. We hope today’s powerful words will connect with you ❤️🎼❤️🎼


Posted on 26/05/2020

CALMS COVID 19 Support Line

CALMS is delighted to receive funding from Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland and Community Foundation for Northern Ireland to support and run our COVID19 Support Line.

Thank you.

Posted on 27/05/2020

A Message from CALMS Counsellors Team

The Message

Posted on 04/06/2020

Breathing Techniques

Breathing – Day 1

Posted on 10/06/2020

Breathing – Day 2

Posted on 19/06/2020

Breathing – Day 3

Posted on 24/06/2020

Breathing – Day 4

Posted on 06/07/2020

Breathing – Day 5

Posted on 15/07/2020

Breathing – Day 6

Posted on 16/07/2020

Breathing – Day 7

Posted on 19/08/2020

❤️🎼Sing Along At Home🎼❤️

Join us every Wednesday at 1pm LIVE on Facebook for another “Sing along at home’ session with Erica who will take you through another new song…..

this week we’ll sing “Fields of Gold’ by Eva Cassidy.
Here are the lyrics  🎼❤️🎼❤️🎼❤️


Posted on 10/06/2020

🙂🙂Hi All, Did you know🙂🙂

Each time you smile 🙂, you throw a little feel-good party 🎉🥳 in your brain 🧠. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. 😃😄❤️


Posted 12/06/2020

Something Inside So Strong

Like so many others, our choir is unable come to together to sing just yet, however they’ve created a special video performance of one of their favourite songs to help inspire you all because we believe that everyone possesses “Something Inside so Strong’.


Posted on 29/06/2020

Month of July, 2020

CALMS COVID 19 Support Line

CALMS is delighted to receive funding from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to support and run our COVID19 Support Line.

Thank you.



Posted on 15/07/2020

CALMS Fundraiser Campaign

All Donations welcome via

JustGiving Page 


Posted on: 19/08/2020

CALMS Yoga Class via Zoom

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm


Please send email to to register.


Posted on 20/08/2020

Good Relations Week ~ BELTER

Join the young people at Belter live on Facebook to Celebrate ‘Good Relations Week’. We’re bringing inspiring young people together to share their artistic talents and stories of strength.
Thursday the 17th of September 4-5pm (Live Talking library broadcasting from the Playtrail’s amphitheatre joined by Project Sparks)
Posted on 10/09/2020

Thyme to Sing @ Brooke Park

Friday the 18th of September 6-8pm 
(Live CALMS choir performance @ Brooke Park)
(Posted 11/09/2020)

Culture Night


Posted 30/09/2020

The Thyme to Sing choir performing.

Do you need support?

CALMS Services are here for you!

Lets stay in touch


If you are reading this please continue.  Mandy of us at this time are feeling the stress of not being able to see people, not being able to go outside, anxiety about family and friends getting coronavirus all of which can impact negatively on our physical and mental wellbeing.  Many of our older clients 65+ and our young people speak about boredom being a major problem for them.  We want to let you know that CALMS is here for you.  Help us to stay connected to you.  Don’t feel isolated make that call and speak to one of our team.  We all must do our bit to be rid of this pandemic.


” There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”

CALMS Cares about You.


Posted on: 07/10/2020

Elly’s Case study
Elly is in her sixties and lives in Derry with her partner who has Alzheimer’s their family are all grown up. Taking care of her partner who is unaware of Covid restrictions is an important part of Elly’s day to day life. Elly works as a nurse but has had to reduce her hours due to her partner’s health and her own mental health. Things changed significantly for Elly since the period of social distancing began. Before the lockdown, Elly’s partner’s needs were provided by friends and other services in the community. While Elly enjoyed spending more time with
her partner during lockdown, she found it hard without access to her usual support system, commenting that ‘not having any support from services and friends is really hard’ Ely felt that lockdown put her into survival mode. Elly made the call to C.A.L.M.S she said while my home situation remains the same I find just having someone to listen and support me has made a difference, I don’t feel as tired or isolated. I am
glad I made that call.

Posted on 08/10/2020

Message from CALMS Pottery Facilitator – Deirdre O’Callaghan

“Due to the pandemic Pottery class will not run until further notice. Miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Stay well and safe during the pandemic” 🙂❤️
Posted on 14/10/2020

Introduction to Zoom Video

Working with a therapist online can seem a difficult prospect for many reasons. Will I get the same treatment? Will I be able to install what I need? I’m not very computer minded. I’m shy about showing my face on a screen. This video, compiled by two CALMS therapists, aims to answer some of the most common questions about working online, while removing many of the fears that may go along with it.
Posted on 16/10/2020


Due to the latest lockdown/ restrictions people will find it difficult to access different services and access to information. Below is just some of the latest developments in benefits/grants for small businesses during the lockdown.
Support payments
The level of support that successful applicants will receive is based on the Total Net Annual Value (NAV) of the property from which the business operates:
• Lower rate: £1,600 for the initial two week period and £800 for each subsequent week that the restrictions apply for:
• a business that is the sole occupant operating from a property with an NAV of £15,000 or less,
• a guesthouse with a capital value (which means it is valued as a domestic property for rates); or
• a business that is a joint occupant of a property with any NAV.
• Standard rate: £2,400 for the initial two week period and £1,200 for each subsequent week that the restrictions apply for:
• a business that is the sole occupant of a property with an NAV between £15,001 and £51,000.
• Higher rate: £3,200 for the initial two week period and £1,600 for each subsequent week that restrictions apply for:
• A business that is the sole occupant of a property with an NAV of £51,001 or more.
Click on the link below for full details on eligibility and how to apply.
Posted on 04/11/2020

CALMS  Mental Health Support Line

Here is Matt talking about our CALMS Mental Health Support line. Please get in touch if you need support during this time ❤️
Call us on: 07907040568

Relax & Breathe

Four Week workshop offered by CALMS

posted on 10/11/2020

Dealing with Anxiety and Panic

Four Week Workshop offered by CALMS


Posted on 11/11/2020

Dealing with Anxiety and Panic

Four Week Workshop offered by CALMS


Posted on 20/11/2020

Youth Make It Happen – The Saga of Jenny Murder Mystery

Could we please ask everyone who is aged 12 to 25 in the Foyleside ward to take a moment of your time and give our project: “The Saga of Jenny Murder Mystery” a first preference vote.
This project is very important to us in that it addresses several things that we find critical:
•Young people’s stability and futures
•Mental Health in the community as a whole
•Supporting local businesses
•Connectivity and inclusion in bringing people together during lockdown
If you don’t fit the criteria to vote then please share this post! There are 7 competing for the grant and every vote counts. Thanks for your support!
Please vote via the link below:-
Posted on  30/11/2020

Donation Received

On behalf of CALMS we would like to sincerely thank the Crawford family for making a donation of £420 to our organisation.  The Crawford family held a celebration of their mother Maisie’s life. Maisie was an active and valued member of CALMS committee and sadly missed.  Thank you again.


Posted 02/12/2020

Fundraising Event – Just Giving Page

We wish to announce that our Just Giving Page has raised £1310 and thank you to each one of you for recognising and valuing the work of CALMS.


Posted 04/12/2020


CALMS Mental Health Support Line

CALMS is delighted to receive funding from Social Justice Small Grants Programme/the Community Foundation, and Department for Communities to support and run our Mental Health Support Line.
Thank you.🥰
Posted on 11/12/2020

⭐Mental Health & Me⭐

6 week Stress and Anxiety Management course starting on Monday 11th Jan 2021 @ 10:30amam via Zoom!
To register please send an email to
Everyone Welcome and its FREE!
Posted on 16/12/2020
Edited on 06/01/2021

“Breath is Life”

Online Workshop

4 Week workshop on the use of the breath.  Learn techniques to help overcome life’s stressors and regain equilibrum and balance.


Everyone Welcomed.

Please register by sending email to



Posted 21/12/2020