Personal Development Programmes / Social Events

Funded by VSS

Physical Activities ~ Yoga and Tai Chi

Research informs us physical activity can help relieve stress.  A recent population study in Finland suggests that individuals who exercised at least twice a week experienced significantly less depression, anger, stress than those who did not exercise. Indeed exercise is one of the key strategies for combating stress. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to help relieve stress. Many of those steps can help improve your overall health as well, including the health of your heart. Exercise is one of the best strategies for combating stress and managing heart disease.

Physical activity can help lower your overall stress levels and improve your quality of life, both mentally and physically. Exercising regularly can have a positive effect on your mood by relieving the tension, anxiety, anger, and mild depression that often go hand-in-hand with stress. It can improve the quality of your sleep, which can be negatively impacted by stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also help boost your confidence levels. By engaging in regular physical exercise you can lower your overall stress levels and improve your mental wellbeing. Why not try out our Yoga classes and Tai Chi Classes?  Remember, exercising regularly can have a positive effect on our mood by relieving tension , anxiety, and depression.

Our yoga classes are held every Wednesday, from 7:30pm to 9pm via Zoom.

Duration is 10 weeks.

Please register with the office.


Choir ~ Thyme To Sing

Research suggests that singing makes us happy

Here are some facts about singing you may not know;

  • Singing improves cognition. 
  • Singing leads to a longer life. 
  • Singing lowers your blood pressure. 
  • Singing tones up your facial muscles, your diaphragm, and your intercostals muscles. 
  • Singing increases empathy and understanding between cultures.
  • Singing is also an aerobic activity and a natural stress-reducer
  • Singing releases endorphins.

Why not come along, enjoy the CRAIC & meet new friends 🙂

The choir is held every Monday, from 6pm to 7:30pm at Galliagh community centre.

Please contact the office for details.


Our pottery class is often described as an oasis of Calm.  While spinning clay, your mind, and body are in harmony.  This thoughtful, artistic activity can open up the mind and relieve you of outside worries.    No previous experience required.  Come along to meet our facilitator, Deirdre, meet new friends and have a cuppa. 

Every Monday 5pm to 7pm

Duration: 10 weeks

Please register with the office.

NEW CLASS – Everyone Welcome

Christmas Art and Crafts 

Classes will be taken place on:

Thursday 21st November at 10am to 2pm

Thursday 28th November 10am to 2pm

Tuesday 17th December 10am to 3pm

Social Therapy

Social events are the times when a large group of people meet at a designated meeting point and jump on the bus.  As soon as everyone’s accounted for we hit the road.  We could be visiting local and rural heritage and cultural sites.  We stop for lunch and some site seeing and then on to our next destination, just sit back and enjoy or even better join in the singing!

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